Hiropath Consultants licencing Services

Hiropath Consultants licencing Services, take the complexity out of the alcohol license process

Hiropath Consultants offers a unique licensing service to the hospitality and retail sectors, guiding clients through the various application processes. It also provides ongoing support after a licence has been granted including in the unfortunate event that a licence is reviewed or subject to any other enforcement action.


Getting a Premises Licence.

Getting a Premises Licence is not necessarily straightforward, particularly where licensing authorities have identified local concerns and risks to the licensing objectives.  Errors in the preparation of an application can lead to long delays if the application is rejected or referred to a Licensing Committee hearing.  In some cases the result can be that a licence is granted but with conditions attached that prevent the business operating effectively. Hiropath Consultants understand the pressures of a business and the effects of delays in opening or while rent, rates and wages still have to be paid, or conditions that. We also understand the devastating effect that onerous conditions can have on the profitability of a business.

Hiropath Consultant will guide you through the process of applying to your local authority for a Premises Licence to serve alcohol, provide regulated entertainment or late night refreshments.  If you decide that you want to change the layout or your opening hours we can help you apply to vary the Premises Licence too.


Cost-effective, high-quality services.

Cost-effective, high-quality services for small, independent businesses across the country.

Hiropath Consultants understands that not all businesses can afford high prices but strive to deliver the same bespoke service for independent business owners. Hiropath Consultants focus is on achieving a successful outcome for clients; key strengths are pragmatism and hard work to deliver clear, practical and competent alcohol licensing advice and services.